Enter and Quit


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Enter verb – To become a member of.
Usage example: debutantes entering society

Quit is an antonym for enter.
Nearby Words: entry, entered, entering
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Quit verb – Give up in the face of defeat of lacking hope; admit defeat.
Enter is an antonym for quit in abandon topic.
Nearby Words: quitting, quitter, quits, quitted
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Similar words of enter
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Similar words of quit
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Common collocations

life enter life quit life
service enter service quit service
race enter race quit race
field enter field quit field
Other nouns: club, time, office, level, school, game, book, dungeon, battle, competition.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / FATE Save Scumming: Averted as the game saves automatically every time you quit or enter a different dungeon level or town and by the lack of an option to save without quitting.
  • Video Game / Gran Turismo You have to either quit and re-enter until neither are there, or do the Capri Rally until you have enough for your own 2J.
  • Film / Blue Hawaii Inspires Chad to enter the tourism industry with her and even quit working with her current employer after he fired Chad in the wake of the bar brawl.
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