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Environment noun – The circumstances, conditions, or objects by which one is surrounded.
Scenery and environment are semantically related in surroundings topic. In some cases you can use "Scenery" instead a noun "Environment".
Nearby Words: environmental, environed, environmentalist, environing, environmentally
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Scenery noun – The array of painted backgrounds and furnishings used to establish the setting in a stage production.
Environment and scenery are semantically related in place topic. Sometimes you can use "Environment" instead a noun "Scenery", if it concerns topics such as landscape.
Nearby Words: scene, scenic
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How words are described

familiar familiar environment familiar scenery
full full environment full scenery
special special environment special scenery
natural natural environment natural scenery
Other adjectives: alien, original, peaceful, lush, strange, different, local, urban, surrounding, horrific, colorful, destructible.

Both words in one sentence

  • The Very Definitely Final Dungeon A MMORPG like World of Warcraft doesn't have any real "final" dungeon, but the scenery and environment definitely gets more badass and threatening as you progress.
  • Video Game / The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Scenery Porn: The Duchy of Toussaint stands in stark contrast to Velen's bleak color palate and Skellige's harsh, wintry environment by using a much richer color palate for the surroundings, hinting at the area's World Half Full nature.
  • Crapsaccharine World: Tuthina, the land of beautiful and devote women and men, marvellous scenery, preserved environment, advanced technology and horrible oppression of any non-monarchist ideologies.
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