Error and Misunderstanding


Error noun - An unintentional departure from truth or accuracy.
Usage example: a report on the earthquake contained several unfortunate errors

Misunderstanding is a synonym for error in mistake topic. In some cases you can use "Misunderstanding" instead a noun "Error", when it comes to topics like misapprehension.

Nearby Words: err, erroneous, errorless


Misunderstanding noun - A failure to understand correctly.

Error is a synonym for misunderstanding in mistake topic. You can use "Error" instead a noun "Misunderstanding", if it concerns topics such as misapprehension, instance of having the wrong idea.

Nearby Word: misunderstand

How words are described

human human error human misunderstanding
exact exact error exact misunderstanding
common common error common misunderstanding
genuine genuine error genuine misunderstanding
Other adjectives: single, obvious, simple, small, real, severe, massive, large, big, serious, huge, unfortunate, little, slight, bad, tragic, amusing, major, frequent, possible, minor, classic, fundamental, occasional.

Both words in one sentence

  • It's not a case of misunderstanding what was said or a translation error.
  • Manga / Urusei Yatsura Series Continuity Error: It's established early on that Lum's mother cannot speak Japanese, leading to a misunderstanding where she thinks Mendou's mother is hitting on her and wants to marry her.
  • Bite The Wax Tadpole Not a translation error per se but more a cultural misunderstanding.
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