Especially and Little


Especially adverb - To a great degree.
Usage example: that university is especially strong in the sciences

Little is an antonym for especially.

Nearby Word: especial


Little adverb - In a very small quantity or degree.
Usage example: we had little more than we needed to survive in the wilderness

Especially is an antonym for little.

Nearby Word: littleness

Both words in one sentence

  • The Berserker: Gods go berserk easily, especially if you torture their devotees, especially if they happen to be little children with big hearts.
  • Jacob points out that just because Jeff spared a little girl's life, doesn't make him any less of a irredeemable monster, especially since he just murdered the little girl's parents.
  • Even the grotesque-looking little person, Harkat Mulds, has an amazing name, especially considering as it is an anagram of his name from before he became a little person, Kurda Smahlt.
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