Especially and To wit


Especially adverb - In the specific case of one person or thing as distinguished from others.

To wit and especially are semantically related In some cases you can use "To wit" instead an adverb "Especially".

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To wit

To wit adverb - That is to say.
Usage example: if we keep spending money like it's water, we're sure to end up in the same place as it often does, to wit, down the drain
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Especially and to wit are semantically related in namely topic. You can use "Especially" instead an adverb phrase "To wit", if it concerns topics such as that is to say.

Both terms in one sentence

  • I Should Write a Book About This To wit: Most of the Caretakers of the Geographica are famous authors, especially of sci-fi and fantasy.
  • Literature / Goosebumps To wit, the first five or so chapters of Headless Halloween focus on how Brandon is an incorrigible sociopath who loves tormenting others, especially little kids, for sick pleasure.
  • Visual Novel / Princess Waltz To wit: Dialogue: ALL of the girls (especially in the true ending), wind up liking Arata to some greater or lesser degree, ranging anywhere from profound respect to outright love.
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