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Establish verb – To gain full recognition or acceptance of.
Form is a synonym for establish in found topic. In some cases you can use "Form" instead a verb "Establish", when it comes to topics like set up, secure, produce.
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Form verb – To bring into being by combining, shaping, or transforming materials.
Usage example: formed the pot out of the clay

Establish is a synonym for form in found topic. You can use "Establish" instead a verb "Form", if it concerns topics such as make, set up.
Nearby Words: formal, formation, formed, formality, formless
Synonyms for Form

Common collocations

friendship establish friendship form friendship
alliance establish alliance form alliance
connection establish connection form connection
state establish state form state
Other nouns: kind, family, relationship, society, plot, community, line, world, nation, government, empire, connections, relationships.

Both words in one sentence

  • The latter two games even establish that "Super" Mario is, in fact, just Mario, his default form, with Small Mario as a downgrade.
  • Video Game / Rama For many, Rama represented the only hope to establish contact with another intelligent life form.
  • More recent Pern books, particularly those which Todd McCaffrey worked on, establish that whers — dragons' humbler, uglier cousins — also form psychic bonds with humans.
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