Establish and Settle


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Establish verb – To show the existence or truth of by evidence.
Usage example: the developers haven't established that there's a need for another shopping center in town

Settle is a synonym for establish in set up topic. In some cases you can use "Settle" instead a verb "Establish", when it comes to topics like action, secure, adjust, put in. popular alternative
Nearby Words: establishment, establishing
Synonyms for Establish


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Settle verb – To make final, definite, or beyond dispute.
Usage example: this information should settle the question of who is right

Establish is a synonym for settle in activity topic. You can use "Establish" instead a verb "Settle", if it concerns topics such as adjust, put in, effect, resolve. popular alternative
Nearby Words: settled, settlement, settling, settler, settlor
Synonyms for Settle

Common collocations

peace establish peace settle peace
relationship establish relationship settle relationship
colony establish colony settle colony
world establish world settle world
Other nouns: home, city.

Both words in one sentence

  • His confrontation with Baretreenu handles the symbolic aspects of committing matricide very baldly: In order to establish and settle into his newly-formed identity, Garlot must not only sever all ties with his mother, but brutally destroy them with his own hands.
  • Psychic Link: Artemisia tries to establish a psychic link with Rika to improve the chances of Rika allowing alien refugees to settle, unfortunately because of Rika's extreme religious devotion the psychic link drives Rika mad.
  • Literature / The Brothers' War Green-Eyed Monster: Hinted at by Ashnod to be Mishra's driving motivation, as while he has to make do with a harsh and nomadic life in the desert Urza gets to settle down in Kroog and establish his own school and laboratory.
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