Establish and Stop


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Establish verb – To be responsible for the creation and early operation or use of.
Usage example: established the first school for the education of Native Americans

Stop is an antonym for establish in topics: set up, authenticate.
Nearby Words: establishment, establishing
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Stop verb – To bring (as an action or operation) to an immediate end.
Establish is an antonym for stop.
Nearby Words: stopped, stopper, stopping, stopover
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Similar words of establish
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Similar words of stop
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Common collocations

man establish man stop man
plot establish plot stop plot
series establish series stop series
time establish time stop time
Other nouns: characters, world, threat.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / Song at Dawn Other examples include A nameless monk in a Templar base wants to stop the Crusade killing and establish a metaphorical Holy Land in western Europe.
  • At one point, to stop the infighting and establish his authority, Toliver challenges Lamb to fight him, even shoving him to try and provoke him; however, Lamb refuses to be baited.
  • A couple centuries ago the Liir heard the psychic screams of the Suul'ka-Morrigi war and finally decided to rebel and establish colonies on other planets so that if one world's Eldest went Suul'ka the others could stop him.
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