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Established adjective – Conforming with accepted standards.
Orthodox is a synonym for established in accepted topic. In some cases you can use "Orthodox" instead an adjective "Established". popular alternative
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Orthodox adjective – Adhering to what is commonly accepted.
Usage example: an orthodox view of the world

Established is a synonym for orthodox in accepted topic. You can use "Established" instead an adjective "Orthodox", if it concerns topics such as conventional. popular alternative
Nearby Word: orthodoxy
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Things that words describes

canon established canon orthodox canon
artist established artist orthodox artist
science established science orthodox science
players established players orthodox players
Other nouns: fans, examples, laws, members.

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / Scotland The Church of Scotland is Presbyterian, the Free Church of Scotland (sometimes known as the "Wee Frees") has no established status but a religious monopoly in most of the Western Isles and is even more Presbyterian (they take "T' S-habbath" like Orthodox Jews).
  • Useful Notes / Christianity Eastern Orthodox — Established as a distinct entity in 1054 when the Pope and the Patriarch of Constantinople mutually excommunicated each other (the question of who exactly broke off from whom is a millennium-old flame war, literally).note No, really literally.
  • Sava (the man that established the Serbian Orthodox Church) was asked to use his wisdom to find a thief in a crowd.
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