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Wealth and estates are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Wealth" instead a noun "Estates".
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Wealth noun – The total of one's money and property.
Estates and wealth are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Estates" instead a noun "Wealth".
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  • Useful Notes / Henry The Fourth Secondly, the Lancastrian estates were vast, being worth the modern equivalent of over $100 billion , and all of that wealth, power, and prestige was going in the hands of his friend-turned-rival, Henry of Bolingbroke.
  • Literature / Sister Alice Gas giants have their core mined out to build lighter-than-air continents which drift inside the atmosphere, dyson spheres are built around brown dwarfs, and asteroids are cored out to make private estates for the wealth.
  • When the Estates General convened, Mirabeau had a wealth of experience and age on his side, a life of rebellion and bohemianism that gave him first hand insight into the injustice of the government.
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