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Evil adjective – Having or exerting a malignant influence.
Malign is a synonym for evil in attitude topic. In some cases you can use "Malign" instead an adjective "Evil", when it comes to topics like malevolent, harmful. popular alternative
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Malign adjective – Having or showing a desire to cause someone pain or suffering for the sheer enjoyment of it.
Usage example: both parties to the divorce showed a malign desire to make each other's future life utterly miserable

Evil is a synonym for malign in attitude topic. You can use "Evil" instead the word "Malign" as an adjective or a noun, if it concerns topics such as hurtful, malevolent, harmful. popular alternative
Nearby Words: malignant, malignity, malignancy, maligning, maligned
Synonyms for Malign

Things that words describes

spirit evil spirit malign spirit
character evil character malign character
force evil force malign force
man evil man malign man
Other nouns: god, example, influence, actions, monster, magic, deity.

Both words in one sentence

  • The Corruption While seeking to cure himself, the infected hero must struggle with malign influence and limit use of the evil powers granted by the Corruption, since using them tends to corrupt him further.
  • They may be used to create a protective ward, seal a building, dispel evil influences, or even as a weapon against those of malign intent.
  • Places where the Ethereal has been permeated by darker emotions can become sinkholes of evil, where malign forces fester and grow even nastier than is usual for the Land of Mists.
    Source: Layered World
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