Exactly and Strictly speaking


Exactly adverb - As stated or indicated without the slightest difference.

Strictly speaking and exactly are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Strictly speaking" instead an adverb "Exactly".

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Strictly speaking

Strictly speaking adverb - In actual fact.

Exactly and strictly speaking are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Exactly" instead an adverb phrase "Strictly speaking".

Both terms in one sentence

  • Pessimal, who - strictly speaking - does not exactly fit this trope, since he wasn't named as a child, he was "initialled", so A.E.
  • In fact, the Cordelia we had been seeing for most of the fourth season wasn't exactly Cordelia, strictly speaking, but was her being controlled by a God-like entity.
  • Strictly speaking, there is only one pun: 格 is pronounced exactly the same as 革, and 革命 means "revolution" (and 起革命 means "starting a revolution", but this is used more and more in non-serious contexts in modern times), while 起格 means "pixelated".
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