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Example noun – One of a group or collection that shows what the whole is like.
Pattern is a synonym for example in model topic. In some cases you can use "Pattern" instead a noun "Example", when it comes to topics like good, basis, standard, specimen. popular alternative
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Pattern noun – A model considered worthy of imitation.
Usage example: the American constitution has provided a pattern for many republics

Example is a synonym for pattern in model topic. You can use "Example" instead a noun "Pattern", if it concerns topics such as good, basis, standard, sample. popular alternative
Nearby Words: patter, patterned, patterning, pattering, patten
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How words are described

clear clear example clear pattern
particular particular example particular pattern
similar similar example similar pattern
typical typical example typical pattern
Other adjectives: common, specific, obvious, great, complicated, interesting, unique, traditional, classic, unusual, above, odd, weird, strange, bizarre, previous.

Both words in one sentence

  • Off Model This also created a bizarre wedge pattern in which there were two consecutive $200 spaces (one of regular font next to the off model example) with another $200 two spaces away.
    Source: Off Model
  • Nose Art The straightest example is Gavin Darklighter, who paints his up like a krayt dragon: tan with a reptile scale pattern, and a toothy mouth similar to the page picture.
    Source: Nose Art
  • Paper Tiger Another example is the King Snake, which has a red, black and yellow pattern that's similar to the high venomous Coral Snake, but the King Snake itself is harmless to people.
    Source: Paper Tiger
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