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Exceedingly adverb – To a great degree.
Usage example: the salesclerk was exceedingly patient with one customer who couldn't make up his mind

Too is a synonym for exceedingly in size topic. In some cases you can use "Too" instead an adverb "Exceedingly", when it comes to topics like extremely.
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Too adverb – Beyond a normal or acceptable limit.
Usage example: ticket prices for the rock concert are simply too high

Exceedingly is a synonym for too in size topic. You can use "Exceedingly" instead an adverb "Too", if it concerns topics such as extremely.
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  • Inertia Is a Cruel Mistress He does however teleport off and back to a flying plane, and doesn't seems to have too much trouble with inertia, despite the sudden deceleration caused by being exceedingly unaerodynamic.
  • Bloody Hilarious When Belial's told to execute a pair of Dark Angels who's heard too much, he pummels them to the ground in manner that's so exceedingly violent, it's hilarious.
  • But he's also very frequently absent from school and exceedingly secretive, and the nature of the game means he's not too often shown in the company of other characters.
    Source: School Idol
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