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Excellent adjective – Of the very best kind.
Usage example: fast-food fans rate this chain's fries as excellent

Select is a synonym for excellent in choice topic. In some cases you can use "Select" instead an adjective "Excellent", when it comes to topics like prime, best, superior, outstanding.
Nearby Words: excellence, excellently, excellency, excelling
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Select adjective – Having qualities that appeal to a refined taste.
Usage example: select fabrics that the shop makes into expensive suits for its well-heeled clientele

Excellent is a synonym for select in choice topic. You can use "Excellent" instead an adjective "Select", if it concerns topics such as prime, best.
Nearby Words: selection, selected, selective, selecting, selector
Synonyms for Select

Things that words describes

series excellent series select series
book excellent book select book
music excellent music select music
stories excellent stories select stories
Other nouns: players, examples.

Both words in one sentence

  • Dr.Light suggested to Mike Haggar to select Dr.Wily as running mate, knowing that Haggar will make an excellent face for president, and Wily will take every advantage and undermine their opponents.
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