Exhibit and Mask


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Exhibit verb – To present so as to invite notice or attention.
Usage example: these naturalists take their birds of prey on tour and exhibit them before groups of schoolchildren

Mask is an antonym for exhibit.
Nearby Words: exhibition, exhibited, exhibiting, exhibitor
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Mask verb – To change the dress or looks of so as to conceal true identity.
Usage example: the federal agents masked their surveillance vehicle so that it looked like an ordinary moving van

Exhibit is an antonym for mask.
Nearby Words: masked, masking, masker, maskable
Antonyms for Mask
Similar words of exhibit
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Similar words of mask
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How words are described

full full exhibit full mask
special special exhibit special mask
complete complete exhibit complete mask
fake fake exhibit fake mask
Other adjectives: real, large, huge, ancient, new, cursed, traditional, final, last, giant.

Common collocations

nature exhibit nature mask nature
effect exhibit effect mask effect
personality exhibit personality mask personality
times exhibit times mask times
Other nouns: emotions, signs, issues, levels.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Entrapment Chekhov's Exhibit: The Chinese mask, which becomes the subject of Gin's trial theft.
  • Rage Helm The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's Dwarven Helmets exhibit this, with the faceplate of the mask crafted to look like a perpetually furious Dwemer (unless your character is female, in which case it's smiling).
    Source: Rage Helm
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