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Exist verb – To have life.
Occur is a synonym for exist in prevail topic. In some cases you can use "Occur" instead a verb "Exist", when it comes to topics like be living. popular alternative
Nearby Words: existence, existing
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Occur verb – To take place.
Exist is a synonym for occur in happen topic. You can use "Exist" instead a verb "Occur", if it concerns topics such as be found. popular alternative
Nearby Words: occurrence, occurred, occurring, occurence
Synonyms for Occur

Common collocations

thanks exist thanks occur thanks
set exist set occur set
place exist place occur place
number exist number occur number
Other nouns: time, way, level, universe, world, bit, years, whatever, times.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Star Trek: The Original Series Butterfly of Doom: In "The City on the Edge of Forever", Edith Keeler's death must occur or else it will cause an alternate timeline where Germany wins World War II and Starfleet does not exist.
  • All of the deaths in the show are of this variety and it is explained early on that the gravelings exist solely to make sure the circumstances leading to the deaths occur.
  • Literature / Words of Radiance Symbolic Wings occur out-of universe, since the image doesn't exist in Alethi culture.
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