Existence and Nonexistence


Existence noun - The fact of being or of being real.
Usage example: the existence of UFO's is something that people continue to argue about

Nonexistence is an antonym for existence in absence topic.

Nearby Words: exist, existent, existing, existential


Nonexistence noun - The state of not existing.
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Synonyms for Nonexistence

Existence is an antonym for nonexistence.

Both words in one sentence

  • The Templars are a lot more morally grey than their name implies, and overall, the game leaves the existence or nonexistence of The Maker ambiguous.
  • Tomo starts to taunt everyone about thinking reindeer exist, falsely assuming that the nonexistence of flying sleds precludes the existence of any reindeer as well.
  • In our Extended Timeline (TM), it seems that the existence of Headscratchers has eventually led to the relative nonexistence of Fridge Logic.
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