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Existent adjective – Existing in fact and not merely as a possibility.
Usage example: to some people, angels are as existent as aardvarks or astronomers

Real is a synonym for existent in alive topic. In some cases you can use "Real" instead an adjective "Existent". popular alternative
Nearby Words: existence, existing, existential
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Real adjective – Existing in fact and not merely as a possibility.
Usage example: asked her parents if the Tooth Fairy was real

Existent is a synonym for real in characteristic topic. You can use "Existent" instead an adjective "Real", if it concerns topics such as true, actual, genuine in existence. popular alternative
Nearby Words: realize, realise, reality, realistic, really
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Things that words describes

plot existent plot real plot
characters existent characters real characters
world existent world real world

Both words in one sentence

  • Webcomic / The Water Phoenix King Treasure Room: Subverted in Chapter 1, as the adventurers storm right past the real treasure in their anger at not having found the non-existent rooms full of jewels.
  • This trope deals with holidays non-existent in the real world, in other words holidays that only exist in a story's universe.
  • But before it begins, you're constantly practicing, be it the non-existent Jelly World Team, or real Neopets.
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