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Existing adjective – Having being at the present time.
Live is a synonym for existing. In some cases you can use "Live" instead the word "Existing" as an adjective or a verb.
Nearby Words: exist, existent, existence, existed
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Live adjective – Having or showing life.
Usage example: there is a tank of live lobsters sitting at the front of the restaurant

Existing is a synonym for live. You can use "Existing" instead an adjective "Live".
Nearby Words: living, lived
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  • They don't see this as a contradiction — as far as they're concerned, merely existing proves that you choose to live, and to live is to follow your role.
  • This is because making new constructs requires that the animators model them, while re-using existing ones is about as easy as using an existing prop in a live-action production.
  • Most humans live in the Mortal World, and most demons and other supernatural beings live in the Astral World, with Guts and Casca existing in the Interstice between the worlds because of the Brands of Sacrifice they bear.
    Source: Layered World
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