Expose and House


Expose verb - To reveal the true nature of.

House is an antonym for expose.

Nearby Words: exposure, exposing


House verb - To provide with living quarters or shelter.

Expose is an antonym for house.

How words are described

public public expose public house
real real expose real house
huge huge expose huge house
new new expose new house

Common collocations

people expose people house people
body expose body house body
boss expose boss house boss

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Hopscotch Creepy Changing Painting: Played for Laughs with a photograph of Myerson changing from a smile to a frown as Kendig types out his expose in Myerson's house.
  • In Coneheads, the federal immigration officers trying to expose them as illegal aliens get into their house by posing as Witnesses.
  • Series / Elementary He stalked a woman and eventually broke into her house, then killed an employee who was about to expose him.
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