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Expressly adverb – With specific intentions; for the express purpose.
Really and expressly are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Really" instead an adverb "Expressly".
Nearby Words: express, expression, expressive, expressively
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Really adverb – In actual fact.
Expressly and really are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Expressly" instead an adverb "Really".
Nearby Words: realize, real, reality, realistic, realization
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  • Faux Symbolism aka: What Do You Mean Its Not Symbolic Ron's favorite book is Moby Dick, expressly because he believes that it's not filled with pointless metaphors and faux symbolism, simply being the tale of a man who really hates a whale.
  • As Snare points out, Overlord is an Implacable Man and Super Soldier built expressly for killing and has fought entire battalions single-handed, so there's really no difference between the two choices.
    Source: Morton's Fork
  • Resthaven is so utterly protected - few of its inhabitants know of the outside world at all, and even airplanes are expressly forbidden from flying overhead - that it never really runs into danger in the story.
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