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Extend verb – To put before another for acceptance or consideration.
Usage example: the couple extended an invitation to join them for a get-together at their house after the concert

Offer is a synonym for extend in bestow topic. In some cases you can use "Offer" instead a verb "Extend". popular alternative
Nearby Words: extended, extent, extensive, extension, extending
Synonyms for Extend


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Offer verb – To put before another for acceptance or consideration.
Usage example: I offered my boss an alternative to the original plan, which would have required me to work overtime

Extend is a synonym for offer in bid topic. You can use "Extend" instead a verb "Offer", if it concerns topics such as bestow, provide, present, propose. popular alternative
Nearby Words: offered, offering, offerer, offeree
Synonyms for Offer

Common collocations

power extend power offer power
life extend life offer life
position extend position offer position
body extend body offer body
Other nouns: credit, protection, amount, hand, time, way, bit, services, lives.

Both words in one sentence

  • Broadway Danny Rose has a Bitter Sweet Ending but ends on a glimmer of hope with Danny Rose chasing after Tina though its unclear if his accepting her offer of friendship will extend to anything more than that.
  • In a specific prompt in Asura's Wrath, you are required to "Extend your hand" in response to the villain's offer.
  • Later, Bob changes his mind and decides to take the offer after all, but Alex refuses to extend the offer a second time.
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