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Extended adjective – Lasting for a considerable time.
Usage example: I've met her, but I have never had an extended conversation with her

Long is a synonym for extended in lengthened topic. In some cases you can use "Long" instead an adjective "Extended", when it comes to topics like duration, extensive, lengthy. popular alternative
Nearby Words: extend, extension, extending, extender, extendable
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Long adjective – Of great extent from end to end.
Usage example: giraffes have long necks to help them reach leaves on tall trees

Extended is a synonym for long in participle topic. You can use "Extended" instead an adjective "Long", if it concerns topics such as lengthy, duration, prolonged, lengthened. popular alternative
Nearby Word: longed
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Things that words describes

life extended life long life
run extended run long run
series extended series long series
sequence extended sequence long sequence
Other nouns: scene, piece, time, period, story, shot, trip, fight, battle, absence, conversation, version, hiatus, rant, song, war, monologue, times, periods.

Both words in one sentence

  • With a lot of enemies around, you'll be spending an extended time in NT-D Mode from the ridiculously long and extended range combo chains.
  • In addition to a somewhat lengthy intro, the extended mix of New Order's "Perfect Kiss" has a long instrumental coda, longer than the main song.
  • Western Animation / Megas XLR Magical Girl: One entire episode is an extended Shout-Out to the genre, complete with suspiciously Sailor-ish characters and an overly long Transformation Sequence.
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