Exterior and Inside


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Exterior adjective – Situated on the outside or farther out.
Usage example: the house's exterior walls badly need to be painted

Inside is an antonym for exterior in topics: outer, visible part.
Nearby Words: external, exteriority, exteriorize, externally, exteriorized
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Inside adjective – Situated farther in.
Usage example: chose the inside lane to run around the track

Exterior is an antonym for inside in topics: inner, middle, interior, secret, within.
Nearby Word: insider
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Similar words of exterior
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Similar words of inside
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How words are described

sweet sweet exterior sweet inside
old old exterior old inside
nice nice exterior nice inside
deep deep exterior deep inside
Other adjectives: entire, tough, ugly, beautiful, fuzzy.

Things that words describes

view exterior view inside view
look exterior look inside look
appearance exterior appearance inside appearance
wall exterior wall inside wall
Other nouns: world, building, door, surface, walls, scenes.

Both words in one sentence

  • Bigger on the Inside With very few exceptions, one could fit the exterior of a building inside one of the inner rooms and have room to spare.
  • Bigger on the Inside On Seinfeld: Jerry's apartment is a good deal bigger on the inside than should be possible from the exterior shot of the hallway.
  • Bigger on the Inside The alien spaceship you explore in Tomb Raider III looks pretty small on the outside, but the inside is three times larger than the exterior.
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