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Exterior adjective – Situated on the outside or farther out.
Usage example: the house's exterior walls badly need to be painted

Middle is an antonym for exterior in topics: outside, visible part.
Nearby Words: external, exteriority, exteriorize, externally, exteriorized
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Middle adjective – Occupying a position equally distant from the ends or extremes.
Exterior is an antonym for middle in topics: center, central.
Nearby Words: middling, middlemost, middled, middleware
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Similar words of exterior
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Similar words of middle
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How words are described

nice nice exterior nice middle
perfect perfect exterior perfect middle
harsh harsh exterior harsh middle
entire entire exterior entire middle
Other adjectives: happy, new.

Things that words describes

character exterior character middle character
portion exterior portion middle portion
parts exterior parts middle parts
levels exterior levels middle levels

Both words in one sentence

  • The Mountains of Illinois The first part of The Buddy Holly Story are set in Holly's hometown, Lubbock, Texas, in the middle of the Great Plains, yet there are mountains in many exterior scenes.
  • Manga / Shugo Chara! In addition to its success, it was also adapted into a musical in 2009.Amu Hinamori is a middle-school kid whose cool and cynical exterior has made her one of the most popular (and unapproachable) girls in school.
  • Franchise / Amityville The Amityville Haunting doesn't even show the exterior of the house, which is now in a middle-class neighborhood nowhere near any bodies of water.note The real-life house, which last sold in 2010 for $950,000, is in an expensive Long Island neighborhood abutting a canal.
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