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Extra adverb – To a great degree.
Unusually is a synonym for extra in property topic. In some cases you can use "Unusually" instead an adverb "Extra", when it comes to topics like particularly, uncommon, exceptionally.
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Unusually adverb – To a remarkable degree or extent.
Extra is a synonym for unusually in property topic. You can use "Extra" instead an adverb "Unusually", if it concerns topics such as extremely, uncommon.
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  • Recap / Doctor Who S27 E9 "The Empty Child" Oh, and one extra person — adorable, all right, but unusually tall and deep-voiced, for a kid... it's the Doctor!
  • Feelies Unreal Tournament 2004 included several bonuses in the collector's edition, which—unusually for CE versions—came at no extra charge to those that pre-ordered.
    Source: Feelies
  • Vetinari only appears slightly tipsy, but then he stubs his toe on a stair, takes an extra 50 seconds to solve the Times crossword the next morning (even resorting to the dictionary) and Drumknott notes that he seems unusually talkative, though no less cogent.
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