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Extract noun – A part taken from a longer work.
Juice is a synonym for extract in essence topic. In some cases you can use "Juice" instead a noun "Extract", when it comes to topics like decoction, something condensed from whole.
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Juice noun – Active strength of body or mind.
Extract is a synonym for juice in plant topic. You can use "Extract" instead a noun "Juice", if it concerns topics such as liquid.
Nearby Words: juiced, juicy, juicer, juicing
Synonyms for Juice

How words are described

pure pure extract pure juice
concentrated concentrated extract concentrated juice
hot hot extract hot juice
magical magical extract magical juice

Both words in one sentence

  • Worthless Yellow Rocks And by the end of the story he discovers that a local plant extract works just as well — beetroot juice.
  • Lite Crème They often get around this with "juice extract", which is basically sugar extracted from juice, so it doesn't count.
    Source: Lite Crème
  • At one point, he had captured Granni Bear, and was trying to extract the recipe for the Gummi Berry Juice from her.
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