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Extremely adverb – To a great degree.
Ridiculously and extremely are semantically related In some cases you can use "Ridiculously" instead an adverb "Extremely".
Nearby Words: extreme, extremity, extremeness, extremal
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Ridiculously adverb – So as to arouse or deserve laughter.
Extremely and ridiculously are semantically related in absurdly topic. You can use "Extremely" instead an adverb "Ridiculously".
Nearby Words: ridicule, ridiculous, ridiculousness
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  • Video Game / Black★Rock Shooter Despite its ridiculously lame name, it's extremely similar to the one in the original B★RS PV.
  • Ridiculously Average Guy Someone ridiculously good looking, extra tall, extremely muscular, or with other abnormal features is going to be easy to spot and pick out of a crowd.
  • These suckers are level 90 at minimum (99 when Oversouled), have ridiculously high HP, Strength, and Magic stats, and unlike every other Tonberry known to Final Fantasy, are extremely fast.
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