Eyesight and Sight


Eyesight noun - The ability to see.
Usage example: the keen eyesight of a bird of prey
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Synonyms for Eyesight

Sight is a synonym for eyesight in vision topic. In some cases you can use "Sight" instead a noun "Eyesight", when it comes to topics like body, see.


Sight noun - The ability to see.
Usage example: lost his sight in an accident when he was young

Eyesight is a synonym for sight in vision topic. You can use "Eyesight" instead a noun "Sight", if it concerns topics such as body, see, ability to perceive with eyes. popular alternative

Nearby Words: sigh, sighted, sightly, sighting, sightless

How words are described

human human eyesight human sight
good good eyesight good sight
physical physical eyesight physical sight
better better eyesight better sight
Other adjectives: normal, regular, proper, sharp, poor, great, terrible, horrible, psychic, interesting, incredible, limited, strange, awesome, magical, super.

Both words in one sentence

  • Blind Seer In The Lost Years of Merlin and related series, Merlin loses his eyesight in a fire when he's young but develops "second sight," which here is defined as a sort of magical vision.
    Source: Blind Seer
  • Literature / Forging Divinity For example, flame sorcerers use body heat, sight sorcerers use their eyesight, etc.
  • Manga / Blood Blockade Battlefront Due to an attack from a mysterious being, his sister, Michella, lost her eyesight and he gained the All-Seeing Eyes of God, two glowing blue eyes that allow him to see things that cannot be viewed with normal sight, through any illusions and all obstacles.
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