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Face verb – To cover with something that protects.
Usage example: we decided to face our old frame house with aluminum siding

Side is a synonym for face in end topic. In some cases you can use "Side" instead the word "Face" as a noun or a verb, when it comes to topics like verge, surface, brink, put paint or finish on. popular alternative
Nearby Words: faced, facing, facer, faceless
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Side noun – A place, space, or direction away from or beyond a central point or line.
Usage example: will everyone who wants to sign up for volleyball please stand off to this side of the gym?

Face is a synonym for side in surface topic. You can use "Face" instead the word "Side" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as end, verge, edge, brink. popular alternative
Nearby Words: sided, sideline, sidewards, sideband
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How words are described

sweet sweet face sweet side
human human face human side
good good face good side
female female face female side
Other adjectives: normal, entire, serious, blue, ugly, cute, feminine, new, crazy, funny, left, different, demonic, scarred.

Common collocations

time face time side time
side face side side side
enemies face enemies side enemies

Both words in one sentence

  • In it, humans and androids live side-by-side and face the hazards of their dangerous environment.
  • One episode in the anime version has Tearju bump into Rito and somehow end up sitting on his face, with her panties pulled to the side.
  • Silly Reason for War Like which end of the egg to crack first, or whether toast should be eaten butter side up or down, or even body features such as which half of their face is black and which is white.
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