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Fact noun – The quality of being actual.
Usage example: like other scientists, astronomers deal in the realm of fact, not speculation

Reality is a synonym for fact in truth topic. In some cases you can use "Reality" instead a noun "Fact", when it comes to topics like idea, matter, real. popular alternative
Nearby Words: factor, factual, factually
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Reality noun – Something that actually exists.
Usage example: the ambition to make his dreams a reality

Fact is a synonym for reality in truth topic. You can use "Fact" instead a noun "Reality", if it concerns topics such as idea, matter, real. popular alternative
Nearby Words: realize, real, realise, realistic, realization
Synonyms for Reality

How words are described

known known fact known reality
human human fact human reality
physical physical fact physical reality
similar similar fact similar reality
Other adjectives: common, true, objective, single, actual, real, sad, little, cold, main, new, limited, strange, different, scientific, historical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / The Bay Finally, while the two previous breaks from reality are probably justified by the fact that these are mutated isopods, there's the fact that real isopod larvae don't look like grubs.
  • Series / Deadliest Catch Sig doesn't seem to like the term "reality TV show", probably due to the fact that most "reality" shows aren't very "real" (say what you will about editing, you can't fake the weather).
  • It's revealed that the world of Amatsuki is in fact a computer simulation of the past instead of the real thing, and that Toki and Kon are still somewhere in our world experiencing virtual reality.
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