Fail and Gain


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Fail verb – To lose bodily strength or vigor.
Usage example: ever since she reached the age of 90, Grandma has been noticeably failing

Gain is an antonym for fail in topics: abandon, be unsuccessful, lose money.
Nearby Words: failure, failing, failed
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Gain verb – To become healthy and strong again after illness or weakness.
Usage example: is steadily gaining after his bout with the flu and will be back on his feet soon

Fail is an antonym for gain in acquire topic.
Nearby Words: gained, gaining, gainful, gainer
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Similar words of fail
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Similar words of gain
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Common collocations

power fail power gain power
attack fail attack gain attack
time fail time gain time
way fail way gain way
Other nouns: level, money, points, levels.

Both words in one sentence

  • Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies employs similar ability improvement to the aforementioned The Elder Scrolls video game series: you only gain points to improve your abilities when you fail.
  • Manga / Again!! Hiro later tries using this for his own personal gain, although most of his schemes fail anyway.
  • Whoever you save will become extremely sick and whoever you fail to save will gain amnesia.
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