Fail and Manage


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Fail verb – Be unable.
Usage example: I fail to understand your motives

Manage is an antonym for fail.
Nearby Words: failure, failing, failed
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Manage verb – To meet one's day-to-day needs.
Usage example: it'll be hard for a few weeks, but we'll manage

Fail is an antonym for manage in topics: control, survive, accomplish.
Nearby Words: management, manager, manageable, managed, managing
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Similar words of fail
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Similar words of manage
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Common collocations

part fail part manage part
thanks fail thanks manage thanks
attempt fail attempt manage attempt
run fail run manage run
Other nouns: time, way, level, money, task, fight, times.

Both words in one sentence

  • Golden Snitch: The ending you get depends on whether you manage or fail to hit all the final boss' weakpoints within 5 seconds.
  • Zimm attempt it with the children, they fail to get the kids but manage to take Curly and Babe instead.
  • If you manage to catch up to the train but fail to stop it, you'll be able to buy Ultima (Instead of being given it to you for free), but the Huge Materia will still be lost.
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