Fail and Reach


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Fail verb – To stop functioning.
Reach is an antonym for fail in topics: abandon, be unsuccessful, lose money.
Nearby Words: failure, failing, failed
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Reach verb – To shift possession of (something) from one person to another.
Fail is an antonym for reach in topics: touch, attain, arrive at, communicate with.
Nearby Words: reached, reaching, reachable
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Similar words of fail
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Common collocations

power fail power reach power
part fail part reach part
number fail number reach number
stage fail stage reach stage
Other nouns: end, time, way, level, game, objective, dungeon, points, levels.

Both words in one sentence

  • Failure Is the Only Option Attempting to rescue "Icepick" will fail as he will have died before you reach him.
  • Western Animation / The Iron Giant Nuclear weapons are specifically designed to fail to detonate if something goes wrong before they reach the target point.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard In the X-Universe, boarding operations against Xenon capital ships fail automatically if there are less than eighteen (out of twenty-one max) surviving marines when they reach the computer core.
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