Failing and Weakness


Failing noun - A defect in character.
Usage example: we could talk about your failings, but it would take all night

Weakness is a synonym for failing in fault topic. In some cases you can use "Weakness" instead a noun "Failing", when it comes to topics like defect, lack, better, deficiency. popular alternative

Nearby Words: fail, failure, failed


Weakness noun - The quality or state of lacking strength of will or character.
Usage example: in a moment of weakness he shoplifted the comic book

Failing is a synonym for weakness in defect topic. You can use "Failing" instead a noun "Weakness", if it concerns topics such as fault, lack, better, deficiency. popular alternative

Nearby Words: weak, weaken, weakly, weakening, weakling

How words are described

human human failing human weakness
particular particular failing particular weakness
common common failing common weakness
natural natural failing natural weakness
Other adjectives: specific, true, actual, real, big, potential, main, personal, key, moral, ultimate, new, major, extra, primary, greatest, different, biggest.

Both words in one sentence

  • For example, a vampire on the path of Typhon would be dinged on the Karma Meter for failing to exploit someone else's weakness, as they are committed worshipers of Set and such weakness should not be countenanced.
  • Comic Book / The Authority He'll just pull himself back together like nothing happened, so any frailty that a Doctor shows is entirely their own failing and not a real weakness.
  • Failing that, I will form a mutual-support association with a Hero not sharing this weakness.
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