Fake and Real


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Fake adjective – Being such in appearance only and made with or manufactured from usually cheaper materials.
Usage example: opposed to the unnecessary killing of animals, she'll consider wearing only fake furs

Real is an antonym for fake in topics: artificial, false.
Nearby Words: faked, faking, faker
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Real adjective – Being exactly as appears or as claimed.
Usage example: this shirt is real silk, not polyester

Fake is an antonym for real in topics: genuine, genuine in existence.
Nearby Words: realize, realise, reality, realistic, really
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Similar words of real
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Things that words describes

hero fake hero real hero
body fake body real body
name fake name real name
relationship fake relationship real relationship
Other nouns: parents, personality, identity, world, money, game, story, food, monster, boss, ending, gun, names.

Both words in one sentence

  • False Flag Operation: In Uguria, to such point that the few aware of the false-flag operations just cannot tell which "resistance cells" in the country are either fake or real.
  • We don't find out if it's real or fake, who's running things now that Motss is dead, or why, if it's real, they'd want the war to continue.
  • He may or may not be attempting to contact Elliot, though it is never made clear if this is real or fake.
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