False and Honest


False adjective - Lacking in natural or spontaneous quality.
Usage example: so much of the sympathy that the widow received was false and hypocritical, since it came from people who never liked her husband in the first place

Honest is an antonym for false in topics: artificial, fake, wrong, dishonest.


Honest adjective - Being in the habit of telling the truth.
Usage example: at least the weatherman is honest and doesn't pretend to be able to predict the unpredictable

False is an antonym for honest in topics: genuine, open, truthful.

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Both words in one sentence

  • She believes Sirius to be guilty but she's too honest to approve convicting anyone (even a Death Eater) on false evidence.
    Source: Not Proven
  • Series / NCIS: Los Angeles Callen and Sam wonder if she is being honest or creating a detail for her false identity.
  • Theatre / Doctor Faustus aka: The Tragical History Of Doctor Faustus False Reassurance: Mephistopheles is totally honest, but his words (the famous "why this is hell" speech) are vague enough that Faustus can stupidly interpret them however he wants to.
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