Familiar and Screwy


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Familiar adjective – Closely acquainted.
Screwy is an antonym for familiar.
Nearby Words: familiarity, familiarize, familiarise, familiarized, familiarization
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Screwy adjective – Different from the ordinary in a way that causes curiosity or suspicion.
Usage example: the counterfeit bills are poorly done and would look screwy to even the untrained eye

Familiar is an antonym for screwy.
Nearby Words: screw, screwed, screwing
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Similar words of familiar
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Similar words of screwy
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Things that words describes

manner familiar manner screwy manner
features familiar features screwy features
locations familiar locations screwy locations

Both words in one sentence

  • Similarly, Daffy went from Screwy Squirrel, to scheming trickster to the now familiar Butt Monkey, victim of his own Ego.
  • Please Wake Up Tex Avery MGM cartoon Lonesome Lenny has Screwy Squirrel taken in as a pet for a suspiciously familiar dog.
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