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Fancy noun – A sudden impulsive and apparently unmotivated idea or action.
Usage example: is this a serious interest in music, or just your latest fancy that will be forgotten after a week?

Picture is a synonym for fancy in liking topic. In some cases you can use "Picture" instead the word "Fancy" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like action, imagine, thoughts. popular alternative
Nearby Words: fanciful, fancied, fancying, fancier, fancifully
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Picture noun – Something imagined or pictured in the mind.
Usage example: I think I get the picture: you want me to leave

Fancy is a synonym for picture in action topic. You can use "Fancy" instead the word "Picture" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as thoughts. popular alternative
Nearby Words: pictured, picturing
Synonyms for Picture

How words are described

nice nice fancy nice picture
complete complete fancy complete picture
big big fancy big picture
little little fancy little picture

Common collocations

friend fancy friend picture friend
character fancy character picture character
god fancy god picture god
president fancy president picture president

Both words in one sentence

  • The Music Man has Harold Hill painting a mental picture of the forthcoming band in fancy perfect uniforms in order to get everybody to support the band.
  • Future Food Is Artificial Humorously depicted in Brazil, in which meals at a fancy restaurant after an extravagant ordering ritual turned out to be scoops of mush along with a picture of the original meal they were intended to simulate.
  • Tabletop Game / The Witcher: Game of Imagination Load-Bearing Hero: The picture neatly placed next to the paragraph on how Maximum Weight works contains a human male holding a collapsing cave roof, while an elven maiden is crawling between his legs to retrieve a fancy-looking cane from the rubble.
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