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Fast adverb – With great speed.
Usage example: run as fast as you can to get help

Slowly is an antonym for fast in topics: quickly, fixedly, speedily.
Nearby Words: fasted, fasting
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Slowly adverb – At a pace that is less than usual, desirable, or expected.
Usage example: walked slowly toward the ringing phone

Fast is an antonym for slowly in topics: gradually, moderately, at a slow pace.
Nearby Words: slow, slowness
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  • Healing Factor In Eclipse Phase anyone with basic biomods heals twice as fast as a baseline human (regain HP every 12 hours instead of 24), even slowly regrowing limbs.
  • At first, the list scrolls by slowly, but quickly becomes unreadably fast, turning the game into a game of luck.
  • Live's "Lightning Crashes" starts off as a quiet electric guitar theme then slowly adds more drums and guitars and turns into a loud, moderately fast-paced alternative rock song.
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