Fat and Thin


Fat adjective - Having an excess of body fat.
Usage example: the popular image of Santa Claus as a fat man in a red suit

Thin is an antonym for fat in topics: overweight, productive, containing an oily substance.

Nearby Words: fatness, fatty, fating


Thin adjective - Having a noticeably small amount of body fat.
Usage example: after her bout with pneumonia, she looked thinner

Fat is an antonym for thin in topics: thick, fine, diluted, transparent, deficient.

Nearby Words: thinned, thinly, thinness, thinning

Both words in one sentence

  • In an episode of Wedding Peach, the message is that no matter if you are fat or thin, true beauty comes from within.
  • Video Game / Tomodachi Life Also, the Miis all have the same walking sound, regardless of how big, small, fat or thin they are.
  • Fat and Skinny The episode "A Good Man Goes to War" brought us the thin and fat (and tall and short) gay married Anglican Marines.
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