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Feature noun – The principal (full-length) film in a program at a movie theater.
Usage example: the feature tonight is `Casablanca'

Movie is a synonym for feature. In some cases you can use "Movie" instead a noun "Feature".
Nearby Words: featured, featureless, featuring
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Movie noun – A story told by means of a series of continuously projected pictures and a sound track.
Usage example: there was much excitement when it was announced that the popular children's book would be turned into a movie

Feature is a synonym for movie in film topic. You can use "Feature" instead a noun "Movie", if it concerns topics such as presentation of action on continuous film.
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How words are described

good good feature good movie
musical musical feature musical movie
full full feature full movie
best best feature best movie
Other adjectives: particular, typical, short, single, popular, actual, entire, real, great, animated, famous, new, possible, next, last, upcoming, full-length.

Both words in one sentence

  • In a single animated movie or feature, climactic or dynamic scenes might be slightly better animated as well.
  • This movie was a double feature even when released in America, being packaged with the Ninku movie.
  • The feature became a Cult Classic in Jamaica and in the midnight movie circuit in the USA, also thanks to its soundtrack which was bought even by people who never saw the movie in their entire life.
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