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Feature noun – Something that sets apart an individual from others of the same kind.
Usage example: perhaps the most striking feature of that house is the way it was constructed to fit into its hillside site

Property is a synonym for feature in characteristic topic. In some cases you can use "Property" instead a noun "Feature", when it comes to topics like quality, attribute, aspect, be. popular alternative
Nearby Words: featured, featureless, featuring
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Property noun – Something that sets apart an individual from others of the same kind.
Usage example: the ability to be magnetized is a common property of metals

Feature is a synonym for property in quality topic. You can use "Feature" instead a noun "Property", if it concerns topics such as characteristic, attribute, be. popular alternative
Nearby Words: proper, properly, propertied
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How words are described

known known feature known property
physical physical feature physical property
special special feature special property
common common feature common property
Other adjectives: natural, single, exclusive, obvious, popular, actual, entire, real, interesting, important, new, unique, useful, sole, unusual, last.

Both words in one sentence

  • Magikarp Power There is still the uber-broken Orb of Imposition optional class feature, however, which still exhibits this property.
  • Literature / Lockwood & Co. Played for Laughs when he takes the trio on a tour of the property and it seems like every single feature of the place has some gruesome story.
  • Doujinshi Notably, doujinshi may feature completely original content or content derived from an existing intellectual property.
    Source: Doujinshi
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