Female and Masculine


Female adjective - Of, relating to, or marked by qualities traditionally associated with women.
Usage example: female standards of housekeeping imposed by the women at the vacation cottage weren't especially popular with the men

Masculine is an antonym for female in qualities of a woman topic.


Masculine adjective - Associated with men and not with women.

Female is an antonym for masculine.

Nearby Words: masculinity, masculinized

Both words in one sentence

  • Sweet on Polly Oliver Carl is actually Carolinnote¬†The ad demanded a boy and a girl since the two were supposed to add female and masculine influence to both of them.
  • Light Novel / Disgaea Novels Which sex they have is determined by which gender stereotype they fall under; feminine angels become female and masculine become male, though we never see a complete transformation take place.
  • This leads to female prostitutes who try to appear as masculine as possible so attract female customers.
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