Fencing and Wall


Fencing noun - A barrier that serves to enclose an area.
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Synonyms for Fencing

Wall is a synonym for fencing in fence topic. In some cases you can use "Wall" instead the word "Fencing" as a verb or a noun.

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Wall noun - A masonry fence (as around an estate or garden).
Usage example: he ducked behind the garden wall and waited

Fencing is a synonym for wall in fence topic. You can use "Fencing" instead a noun "Wall".

Nearby Words: walled, walling, walla

Both words in one sentence

  • Sword Sparks A fencing foil, when the tip wears through, can strike sparks during coordination training that involves pinning a falling glove to a wall.
    Source: Sword Sparks
  • Wrestling / Sherri Martel Sherri was not about to let a bit of fencing get in the way of her usual shenanigans, and she started up the cage wall, but got intercepted by Jimmy who 'accidentally' tore off her skirt.
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