Figurehead and Puppet


Figurehead noun - A person used as a cover for some questionable activity.
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Synonyms for Figurehead

Puppet is a synonym for figurehead in nominal head topic. In some cases you can use "Puppet" instead a noun "Figurehead", when it comes to topics like titular head. popular alternative

Nearby Word: figure


Puppet noun - A small figure often of a human being used especially as a child's plaything.
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Synonyms for Puppet

Figurehead is a synonym for puppet in mouthpiece topic. You can use "Figurehead" instead a noun "Puppet", if it concerns topics such as pawn, person or toy manipulated by another. popular alternative

Nearby Words: puppetry, puppeteer

How words are described

female female figurehead female puppet
better better figurehead better puppet
stupid stupid figurehead stupid puppet
actual actual figurehead actual puppet
Other adjectives: real, wooden, helpless, ineffectual, living, willing, beautiful, animated, new, political, mere, Nazi, unwilling.

Both words in one sentence

  • Webcomic / Tails Gets Trolled He's just a figurehead and a puppet to Chester like the rest of them.
  • Puppet King: Mayor Dave, who simply acts as a figurehead while a shadowy figure— in reality the long-missing Ferret Man, Bruce Vayne—runs the real show.
  • Puppet King: Father turns out to be just a figurehead for the real masters of the City and the true force that enforces world order, i.e.
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