Find and Lose


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Find verb – To come upon after searching, study, or effort.
Usage example: we finally found the information after searching dozens of Internet sites

Lose is an antonym for find in topics: discover, achieve, lay hands on.
Nearby Words: finding, finder
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Lose verb – To be unable to find or have at hand.
Usage example: I always lose my keys

Find is an antonym for lose in win topic.
Nearby Words: loser, losing
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Common collocations

job find job lose job
family find family lose family
time find time lose time
way find way lose way
Other nouns: items, friends, weapons.

Both words in one sentence

  • In a Laguna flashback on Disk 1, the player can fiddle with explosives, find and lose a rusty key, and fiddle with some hatches.
  • Team Rocket Wins For once they do not screw things up, it is Zordrak and Urpgor instead that lose the stone, something Frizz and Nug find to be Actually Pretty Funny.
  • The Fellowship lose it before they find out what it does, and the people who find it by the side of the road don't know either.
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