Finish and Source


Finish noun - The last part of a process or action.

Source is an antonym for finish.

Nearby Words: finished, finis, finishing, finisher


Source noun - A point or place at which something is invented or provided.

Finish is an antonym for source in beginning topic.

How words are described

good good finish good source
clean clean finish clean source
best best finish best source
specific specific finish specific source
Other adjectives: original, actual, excellent, new, fantastic, sole, external.

Both words in one sentence

  • Correction Bait He buys enough time to finish freeing himself by quoting the Marx Brothers, then deliberately misidentifying the source of the quote.
  • Moral Myopia The Minbari had made it standard procedure to hunt down the source of any distress signal and finish them off.
    Source: Moral Myopia
  • Granted, we got to see new abilites but the battles were always a tug of war and a few wound up ending with an outside source having to step in to finish the battle.
    Source: Arc Fatigue
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