Fire and Light


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Fire verb – To set (something) on fire.
Usage example: lit some kindling before attempting to fire the logs

Light is a synonym for fire in passion topic. In some cases you can use "Light" instead the word "Fire" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like animation, burn, inflame, ignite. popular alternative
Nearby Words: fired, fireball, firing, fireside, fireplace
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Light verb – To set (something) on fire.
Usage example: we lit the kindling before adding the heavier logs

Fire is a synonym for light in ignite topic. You can use "Fire" instead the word "Light" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as action, burn, inflame, hot. popular alternative
Nearby Words: lighten, lightweight, lightly, lightness, lighted
Synonyms for Light

How words are described

good good fire good light
full full fire full light
pure pure fire pure light
normal normal fire normal light
Other adjectives: true, green, single, small, powerful, constant, big, huge, blue, little, dark, inner, new, strange, different, golden, literal, purple.

Common collocations

people fire people light people
way fire way light way
times fire times light times
arrows fire arrows light arrows

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Puzzle & Dragons Himura Kenshin comes with a leader skill that triples ATK for each fire or light cross you create, and doubles ATK when getting both fire and light matches.
  • The Sacred Darkness Without Dark there would be no fire/light, and thus only the homogenous, unchanging Age of Grey preceding the Age of Fire, as embodied by the Everlasting Dragons.
  • The darkness and cold versus fire and light conflict, as well as the name of the series, call up Robert Frost's poem "Fire and Ice," in which both extremes are equally destructive.
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